Original Gangstas

Silver Moon Brewing has a rich history that dates all the way back to when Destiny’s Child was still together, when Palm Pilots™ were a thing, and when Bend only had three breweries.

That’s right, we’re the 3rd oldest brewery out of Bend and have been cookin’ up delicious brews in this beer-renowned town since 2000.

Bend is a craft beer and outdoor adventure mecca located smack dab in the center of Oregon. Our picturesque mountainscapes are not only breathtaking, but also a huge reason why Bend is known for having some of the best beer in the country (shout out to the other OG’s: Deschutes Brewery & Bend Brewing Company)! Beer is about 90% water & our water is 100% snowmelt coming directly off the mountains. Put these two together & voila! We turn deliciously clean water into lip-smacking brews! SCIENCE!

Our downtown-ish location is JUUUUUUST enough off the beaten path to be a little annoying, or really cool…depending on who you ask.

Never meant to be a pub, the building was built in 1952 and has been everything from a furniture shop to a machine shop with a strip bar called “The Office” where our parking lot now stands.

In 2000, Silver Moon Brewing’s original owner Tyler Reichert, cut out parts of doors, whole walls, installed some plumbing, & somehow shoved an entire 10 barrel brew system into 4000 sq ft. He turned the storefront space into a modest homebrew shop, which quickly expanded into a quirky little taproom with 1 pool table, magical disco ball, and some of the best beer in town. Tyler’s dream was to make great beer & keep it local. And that he did until selling the brewery in 2013.

In 2015 we built a 30bbl system in an expanded 15,000ft2 production facility just up HWY 97 and have been adding tanks ever since

Current owners Matt Barrett and James Watts bought the brewery keeping the local vibe in mind, but with a plan to rebrand and expand.

In 2016, we released our scenic 6-pack cans, and have been adding new tanks to brew more & more beer ever since!

In 2017 the dream to update the pub finally became a reality. We threw caution to the wind and embarked on what would be a grueling 5 month renovation (aka gut-job). We learned A LOT, and in the end, it was totally worth it. With the original pine beams of the barrel ceiling exposed for the first time since the ‘50’s, the installation of an old, polished steel tank draft centerpiece, as well as contracting many local artisans to do all the metal & woodwork, we’ve managed to keep that comfortable, quirky atmosphere, while updating the look and facilities for a delightful Bend brewpub experience!

Here’s To The Moon

(And Back)