Reggae Fueled Rock Jan 31st at 8pm: The Sindicate


Join Silver Moon Brewing at the pub with the popular band The Sindicate from 8-11pm on January 31st. 

The Sindicate is a high energy Reggae fueled rock band from Vancouver Wa. They have a unique sound that combines sultry seductiveness with hard edged rock, smoothing it out with reggae passion. They have a range that can work through classic jamming, reggae, rock ballads, to full on hip-hop fusion. Their versatility lets them thrive on the energy of the packed house show, pump up the night at a bar show, and stay tight enough to rock crowds from the bigger stages.

Beer of the night: Snake Bite Porter. This is one snake bite you’ll actually enjoy. And a huge thanks to our friends at 92/9 Online for keeping our No Cover Concert Series free in Bend! 

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