Meet Lu

Our resident Lunanaut!

Lu – short for Lunanaut


lunanaut (plural lunanauts)
1. (rare) An astronaut who travels to the Moon

Rockets filled with beer from outer space don’t land in Central Oregon every day, but when this one arrived along with a curious astronaut, it seemed as though it was home at first sight!  Whether trying to make friends, being helpful by thinking outside the box, or learning a new game or skill, it’s clear Lu’s mission is to spread cheer & stellar beer to whomever is around! Thanks to Lu, in 2018, we released our brand new Lunar Series, a rotating 6-pack with a focus on an exploration in ingredients that satisfy a curiosity in flavor, aroma and style.
Follow Lu’s adventures in the videos below! And if you see us at a brew fest or event near you, there’s a good chance Lu wont be far behind!