Jeff Schauland

Jeff Schauland

Job Title: Head Brewer

Hometown: Tulare, California (no, you are not the only one who has never heard of it)

Craft Beer of choice (other than Silver Moon): Any Cascade Barrel House Sour. Non-Sour: Most anything from pFriem and Breakside.

Your favorite Guilty Pleasure: Coldplay…I admit it!! I love Coldplay.

Best Concert you’ve attended: Opeth with Between the Buried and Me. Progressive Death Metal at its finest!!!

Deep Thoughts: The first thing that I learned about brewing is that it is hardly as glamorous as many non-brewer beer enthusiasts think. I’d say that I spend most of my days soaked by either beer or water, 60% of my time cleaning something, 25% of my time trying to fix something that should be working, but for some reason has decided to break, 10% of my time actually formulating recipes and making beer, and about 5% of my time doing math. But I do hope you enjoy our offerings. Cheers!!

Pamela Balmuth

Pamela Balmuth

Job Title: Marketing Manager, etc.

Hometown: Oakland, Ca (TOWN BIZ!)

Craft Beer of Choice (Other than Silver Moon): Cascade Brewery’s Noyeaux.

Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Cup o Noodels, Egg McMuffins, & Katy Perry

Best Concert you’ve attended: DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE! ummm…toss up between Le Tigre in 2002 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco & finally getting to see Beck after waiting 16 years flail around on a small stage in Monterey, Ca in 2015.

Deep Thoughts: Being in the craft beer industry in, what is arguably the craft beer MECCA, is kind of an amazing thing. Every day I thank my lucky stars that these guys brought me on board to help spread the gospel of Silver Moon. I love being a part of a small family that not only cares about making great beer, but also cares about the community and those who help us grow along the way. Plus its a lot cheaper to live here than in the Bay Area!