Redmond Brewery

Redmond breweryOur original brewing system, still used today at our Greenwood Avenue location in beautiful Bend Oregon, was purchased from E&O Trading Co. out of San Francisco in 2003. It was originally built by JV Northwest of Canby, Oregon in 1997 and relocated to Bend after being purchased by Silver Moon’s original owner, Tyler Reichert. The brew-house is a 10 barrel single infusion mash with a steam fired kettle and combination hot liquor tank /mash-tun capable of brewing around the clock.

Jeff WarrenThe Silver Moon Brewing process starts with our 24,000 pound grain silo consisting of 2-row base malt. On its way to the roller mill we add our specialty grains to make up the profile of the beer. Once the grain passes the mill, it goes into a grist bin to weigh the grains before passing over to the brew house. When we are ready to brew, we will hydrate our ground malt at a set temperature to release a starch and malt enzyme complex where the enzymes convert starches to fermentable sugars.

BarrelsNext, we rinse the remaining sugars from the mash by sparging as we fill the kettle with sugary wort. When the kettle is full we start boiling the wort to condense sugars and flavors. During the boil, we add hops to season the brew. Following the boil, we then pass the wort through a heat exchanger, knocking it down to fermentation temperature as we fill the fermenter, at which point we add yeast. The yeast will eat the sugar and the by-product is alcohol and Co2, creating the wonderful beverage we all love and enjoy. CRAFT BEER!

Silver Moon deliveryOur cellar consists of 5-10 barrel JV Northwest fermenters, 2-30 barrel fermenters, 5-10 barrel JV Northwest bright tanks and 4-20 barrel bright tanks. This is where the beer will sit, condition, and carbonate before going on to packaging into either kegs, bottles or cans.

We also have a barrel house, aging some of our favorite brews in bourbon & rye barrels from local distilleries, and pinot noir barrels from local wineries.



Redmond, Oregon Brewery
2095 SW Badger Ave
Redmond, OR 97756